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Aquael – Flow Heater 300

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Product description Aquael Flow Heater 300W

Our Flow Heater is the first one featuring a Smart Heating System (SHS) – a smart power adjustment technology. The microprocessor adjusts the heating power to maintain the desired temperature in the aquarium. This translates into the smooth operation of the heater – without temperature surges in the aquarium and, by the same token, without stressing its inhabitants. With the electronic thermostat, the LED display shows not only the programmed but also the current water temperature. Electronic temperature sensors protect the aquarium

from overheating and automatically switch off the device in no flow conditions. As the device is located on the outlet hose of the external filter, heated water is evenly distributed in the tank. The heater is mounted outside of the aquarium, so it does not take up space inside the tank and gives more freedom in terms of the interior arrangement.


– Undergoes computer-assisted
– testing Electronic, precise thermostat
– Intended for continuous operation
– Built-in thermal switch
– Perfect for aqua-terrariums