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Aquael – Fan Filter

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The FAN filters are notable for their time-proven, reliable design. Fish-keepers around the world highly appreciate their excellent filtration parameters, comfort of daily use, and the water aeration feature. The filters are perfect for small and medium- sized aquariums and even for aqua-terrariums (FAN MIKRO).

Product # 00058 (120618) – Fan Filter Micro – For Tanks 3-8 gal

Product # 00059 (120619) – Fan Filter Mini – For Tanks 8-15 gal

Product # 00060 (120619) – Fan 1 Plus – For Tanks 16-16 gal

Product #00061 (120621) – Fan 2 Plus – For Tanks 26-40 gal

Product # 00062 (120622) – Fan 3 Plus – For Tanks 40-66 gal

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AQUAEL FAN internal filter is designed for the cleaning and aeration of aquariums water. Thanks to the carefully selected sponge on a perforated arbour, the filter is dirt-resistant and does not require frequent cleaning. The protective plastic container intercepts coarse pollutants, which ensures the long-lasting efficient filtration of aquarium water.

FAN internal filter is easy to install and operate. The specially designed filter media chamber prevents water from flowing out of the filter and into the fish tank during water changes or when the filter is removed from the aquarium e.g. in order to wash the sponge.

The sealed rotor chamber ensures quiet operation and high performance at a relatively low level of power consumption.

In addition, the MICRO model of AQUAEL FAN filters can operate in very shallow water (as little as 2 inches deep) which makes it ideal even for the smallest of aquaterrariums.

Uniquely to FAN internal filters, performance can be conveniently adjusted without the need to insert hands into the water, since the dome with an ergonomic control dial can be placed above the water surface.

The direction of water outflow can be adjusted by up to 75°.


Fan Mikro, Fan Filter Mini, Fan 1 Plus, Fan 2 Plus, Fan 3 Plus