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    Apocylops panamensis We got this from Jim W. who has had great success working with it in his breeding endeavors…thank you Jim!  He has raised this on paste. We do see very hi-production densities. Small nauplii and adult are visible with the eye but still….

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    Harpacticoids – AlgaGenPods™ Tisbe

    Tisbe biminensis are tropical sub-tropical. They are a great inoculation for your tank. They eat detritus, phyto, fish food, fish waste and multiply. We don’t worry about skimmers, pumps, uv…just add them and stand back. Of course we recommend repeated additions, but really, we are serious. Great for seahorse frye, mandarins, wrasses, invert larvae, great for reef tanks. We offer this one as AlgaGen PODS Tisbe .