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Aquarium and Coral Food

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    ME Crave is a water soluble fish oil which Enhances fish appetite and increases nutritional value of Dried, Frozen, or live brine by adding high levels of Omega-3 Fatty acids, Amino acids, Lipids, Garlic, and vitamins.  Crave increases fish coloration, nutritional value, overall health, and reduces fish disease.  Stimulating appetite and providing extra nutrition is essential for newly introduced finicky fish, sick fish, and breeding fish.

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    ME CORAL FOOD is a dry powdered coral food made from freeze dried Zooplankton and other crustaceous animals.  No cheap fillers like yeast, soy meal, or fish meal.  We only add beneficial Spirulina and Amino Acids, which help enhance coral coloration and growth.   Super Food is designed to feed all corals like SPS, LPS, Zoas, Chalice, Montis, Softies, Clams,  filter feeders and small fish.   No preservatives are added, as many contain phosphates.  Your corals will thank you for using ME Super Food!

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